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Lavender Bulk Detergent (10L)

250 washes.


✔️ Universal detergent (all textiles, colors, white and black)

✔️ Effective from 30°.

✔️ 100% natural origin, with the sweet scent of Lavandin

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Delivery in 48 hours

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Composition: 100% transparent

In everyday language:

A foaming and cleaning agent based on coconut oil (without palm oil), authentic Marseille soap based on olive oil, natural enzymes to reinforce the efficiency, beet alcohol to disinfect, a natural sequestering agent, baking soda to fight against water hardness.

And on the label: 

5-15% : tensioactif non-ionique, <5% : séquestrant, savon, enzymes, huile essentielle lavandula hybrida (linalool, camphre, cinéole). Contient aussi : Eau, bicarbonate de soude, citrate de sodium, alcool.


For a machine with 4-5 kg of laundry:

  • Medium soiled laundry: 40 ml
  • Very dirty laundry and very hard water: 60-80 ml
  • Lightly soiled laundry and soft water: 20-30 ml
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Biodegradable formula

In Europe, no threshold of biodegradability is imposed on the detergent as a finished product.
At Wasch, we wanted to go further than the European regulation, and we called upon an external laboratory to check the biodegradability rate of our products. 

And what does it do? Our formula is over 96% biodegradable!

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